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Sometimes, the little things in life are the ones you should be cherishing. After all, the greatest gifts come in small packages, right? Take a step back from this busy world and watch the place and people around you. Put your priorities straight - know what and who you want in your life, because the things worth the most to you will stay by your side. Originally, I was worried about a friend who was having a hard time. Everything had crashed down, and even keeping hope was nearly impossible. After a few posts, I began to realize how much I wanted to touch more people with my words, and to show how much there is to this world. So here it is...

Monday, November 7, 2011

the past .

The past is one of my greatest friends, but also one of my greatest enemies.

Often times, the memories we hold, whether it be good or bad, stay with us through our whole lifetime. They can either help us grow or end up ultimately destroying us. Funny, isn't it ? The sweetest, dearest memory can make one long for it so much as to put tears in his eyes. It hurts so much to think back to something you no longer have, because no matter what, you can't go back and embrace it anymore. Too many times have we taken advantage of the things we should've been cherishing. Too many times have we overlooked the importance of something in our lives until it was already gone. And too many times have we regretted not doing what we could've done when we had the chance. If only we could keep these special moments in our pockets and relive them splendid would that be ?

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