Life's advice from a girl who's living, dreaming, and struggling through it all.
Sometimes, the little things in life are the ones you should be cherishing. After all, the greatest gifts come in small packages, right? Take a step back from this busy world and watch the place and people around you. Put your priorities straight - know what and who you want in your life, because the things worth the most to you will stay by your side. Originally, I was worried about a friend who was having a hard time. Everything had crashed down, and even keeping hope was nearly impossible. After a few posts, I began to realize how much I wanted to touch more people with my words, and to show how much there is to this world. So here it is...

Monday, November 7, 2011

the past .

The past is one of my greatest friends, but also one of my greatest enemies.

Often times, the memories we hold, whether it be good or bad, stay with us through our whole lifetime. They can either help us grow or end up ultimately destroying us. Funny, isn't it ? The sweetest, dearest memory can make one long for it so much as to put tears in his eyes. It hurts so much to think back to something you no longer have, because no matter what, you can't go back and embrace it anymore. Too many times have we taken advantage of the things we should've been cherishing. Too many times have we overlooked the importance of something in our lives until it was already gone. And too many times have we regretted not doing what we could've done when we had the chance. If only we could keep these special moments in our pockets and relive them splendid would that be ?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

life is unfair .

Life is unfair. We are all born in totally different worlds. Some of us are loved, while others are not.
Some of us hold blissful memories, while others hold bitter ones. Some of us experience the joys of life every day, while others never do. It's pretty inaccurate to say that we all have an equal chance at happiness, at success, at life. But to what extent you put out efforts to look on the bright side of situations can tell you how your life will turn out. Keep looking forward and past the hardships and life will treat you well. Remember to count your blessings and forget about the bumps in the road. Don't let them burden you and you'll become a stronger person.

Friday, July 15, 2011

life .

The scariest thing about life ? It's unpredictable. One second you're full of bliss and euphoria, and the next you can't seem to hold back your tears because your heart pounds with unbelievable pain.
Because we're so afraid of what the future holds for us, we're constantly wondering "what if" instead of taking action. What if... It haunts us, really...thinking what could have happened. So the next time life throws a chance at you, be sure you make the right decision; be sure you won't regret it, because you might not be able to go back and change it. And when you're not feeling the best, remember that it'll get better. Remember to smile, to cherish life's blessings, and to share your joy with others. Life's too short to be anything but happy.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sometimes .

Sometimes, I just want to get things off my chest. Sometimes, I just want someone to say "It's okay" even when I know it's not. And sometimes, I just want that one moment of sympathy to keep me going.

Sometimes, I just need someone to listen, instead of telling me "There are other people out there suffering more than you" or "I've been worse off". Although it may be true, it doesn't mean this one heartache isn't something incredibly important to me, isn't worth hurting for, or isn't something worth shedding tears. Because this one thing, no matter how little it may seem, may be causing unbearable pain to the beholder. As they say, pain may be in the mind, but how exactly are we supposed to deal with it ? Try to forget about it...or let it soak in ?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

look up .

“Remember what happened, but know that you cannot move forward while looking backwards.”

I know I haven't been blogging very often. Life has become busier and more complicated, but that's just what life is. On a side note, my New Year's Resolution has been working out quite well. Since 2011 started, I've been more optimistic and much happier almost all the time. Just because there may be a storm brewing doesn't mean it won't pass over sooner or later.

Friday, February 4, 2011

things are gonna get better .

Things Are Gonna Get Better - David Archuleta

Everybody's got a time in their life
When everything hurts and nothing's right.
But you gotta walk on, yeah you gotta walk on.

Everybody's got a piece of their heart
That's been stepped on and torn apart.
But you gotta be strong, yeah you gotta walk on.

Cause I, know, it's hard to have the strength and,
Sometimes, you can't get through the day, but,
Things just float on by that river in the night.
But I know things are gonna get better,
And I know things are gonna be fine.
And I know life is gonna get better,
Standing here together, yeah we're gonna be fine.

Everybody's got that one regret,
No matter how they try, they can't forget.
But you gotta move on, yeah you gotta move on.
And everybody's got someone they've lost,
And they can't believe they're really gone.
But you gotta live on, yeah you gotta live on.

Cause I, know, it's hard to have the strength and,
Sometimes, all you feel is pain, but,
Time keeps floating by on that river in the night.

But I know things are gonna get better,
And I know things are gonna be fine.
And I know life is gonna get better,
Standing here together, yeah we're gonna be fine.

And I've been shown hope,
I see it in your eyes.
So take me, touch me.
Cause with a little bit of love, we can win the fight.
With a little bit of love we can see the light.
With a little bit of love it'll be alright.

I know things are gonna get better,
And I know things are gonna be fine.
And I know life is gonna get better.
Standing here together, yeah we're gonna be fine.

Walk, walk, walk on by,
Keep, keep, keep walking on.
Keep, keep, keep walking on.

Well, I was having a bad day, but this song came on. I don't know why I never noticed the lyrics before, but I just know people can relate to it so well! Such a beautiful song. :>

Monday, January 3, 2011

hello, 2011 .

"A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.

I wanted to say how much this blog has helped me get through the little bumps in life last year. It often opens my eyes and makes me realize that things really are not as bad as they seem. Hopefully, it has assisted not only me but touched others as well. :) Happy New Year!